dating a girl with mostly guy friends

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I don't think its a red flag, sometimes girls for example with a lot of guy friends, they might have a lot of competition with other girls and girls get really jealous pretty easily so she might have moved to guys. So ya jealousy can be a cause for it or she could just have simply because friends with guys. And yes! Guys and girls can truly be friends sometimes a friends with benefits sort of relationship can come out of it though. And they might fall for each other when they're friends but most of the time its awkward and doesn't work out so they go back to being friends.

She loves going to baseball games, drinks beer out of a can and takes less than half an hour to get ready — and still looks smoking hot. She seems like the total dating a girl with mostly guy friends. After a few dates, you start to notice that every time she talks about her friends, they go by names like Joe, Jesse, Charlie, Aaron and Chuck. This perfect specimen of a female has one fault — every one of her friends is a guy. You knew it seemed too good to be true. So what do you do?

One thing's for certain though: It's not because they're less drama. In fact, sometimes it feels like the opposite. How many times do you have to say there's nothing romantic going on between you?
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Human connection happens naturally, no matter what gender you are. Girls who find complete peace with their male crowd aren't suffering from girl deprivation; they just like what they like, and that's that. So, before you judge the girl who surrounds herself with an awesome bro squad, understand a few things about her first. Humans of the opposite sex are more than able to be cordial without intimacy. Give humankind a little more credit than that. Friendship certainly precedes actual relationships in some instances, but it's definitely not the case for the girl with mostly guy friends. Again, having girlfriends is great, but there are some catty qualities that could make any person want to stray away from them. This isn't saying guys don't have drama, but it's usually not a prolonged drama like some female soap operas. Some people like to strip a woman of her femininity when she has mostly guy friends. The guys in her inner circle may even be guilty of this as well.

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When I was single, most of my friends were guys. I had girl friends too, but I hung out with the guys more. They were all like big brothers to me. And I had more fun around them.