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The John B. AroundJohn T. McCutcheon and his wife learned to sing this song while spending time in the West Indies. McCutcheon was a world traveller, philosopher and the Pulitzer Prize winning cartoonist for the Chicago Tribune. The Beach Boys. We come hook up the john b sail the sloop John B, my Grandfather and me. Around Nassau town we did roam. Got into a fight.

Sails " is a Bahamian folk song from Nassau. Since the early s there have been many recordings of the song with variant titles including " I Want to Go Home " and " Wreck of the John B ". The folk rock adaptation by the Beach Boys was produced and arranged by bandleader Brian Wilson , and served as the lead single of their 11th studio album Pet Sounds. The song peaked at number three in the US on the Billboard Hot chart, number two in the UK, and number one in several other countries. It remains one of the group's best-remembered recordings of their mid s period, containing an unusual and elaborate a cappella vocal section not found in other pop music of the era. Carl Sandburg included the first three verses and chorus of "The John B.
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