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It is the fourth series set in the fictional Degrassi universe created by Schuyler and Kit Hood in Like its predecessors, Degrassi: The Next Generation follows a group of students from Degrassi Community Schoola fictional school in TorontoOntario, and depicts some of the typical issues and challenges common to a teenager's life. The following actors have all received star billing and appeared in the opening credits of Degrassi: The Next Generation. When Degrassi introduced its large and loyal audience to Adam Torres, an authentic, multi-dimensional transgender character, the show not only made television history, but set a new standard industry standard for LGBT inclusion. The combination of Adam being sophomore girl dating freshman boy college favorite character, and Jordan being at the end of her contract, presented a unique opportunity to tell this story through such a beloved character.

However, the summer before my freshman year I was forced to ask myself a different set of questions: For the past 10 and a half years, I have suffered from two gastroenterological conditions: Due to these co-occurring illnesses, I am unable to keep food down, resulting in me being fed through a J-tube in my intestine and having a gastric pacer in my stomach to regulate my nervous system. I had always known going to college with a feeding tube could be a possibility, but I just assumed things would be solved by that time. Going to school, I knew I had two options.
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Chicago Public Schools has failed to protect students from sexual abuse and assault, according to a Chicago Tribune investigation that found hundreds of cases in the last decade. The district itself does not track the problem. A track coach at Simeon Career Academy was allowed into the school as a volunteer despite his disqualifying criminal record. He went on to rape a female student dozens of times. But parents weren't told, and the educator quietly left the school system. A Chicago teacher resigned his job while under investigation for alleged sexual misconduct.

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As we toss up our graduation caps, we're also tossing ourselves into an exciting, new, and undiscovered future. After the flurry of applying to colleges, getting accepted, and choosing the right fit, we all take a step back to enjoy our last few days of senior year. But after a glorious last summer as high school students, almost all of us find ourselves surrounded by the same thoughts. Here are just a few:. After nearly fourteen years of seeing the same crew every day, making new friends seems like the number one fear for everyone. Learning to make friends can seem horrifying, especially on the first day, but don't worry!