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Remember Me? What's New? Results 1 to 12 of How to date the age of your Seiko Watch. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. How to date the age of your Seiko Watch All Seiko's should have a Serial number on the case back The first number in the Serial is the last number in the year of production, and so if it is a new watch and you see an 8 it should be the year The second number in the Serial is the month the watch was made if you see a 4 it will be the month of April most Seiko serial are 6 digits long and so a serial of 86XXXX would be a watch made in April of The key to the whole trick is knowing what movement is in side and older movement like the was made in the late 70's and 80's and so a watch with 86XXXX would be April and so on

The Japanese-made Seiko watches have become synonymous with detail-oriented craftmanship and durability. The sleek look and attention to detail have made these watches a favorite since when the company began as the brainchild of master watchmaker K. With such a rich history, it is no wonder that the exact production year of many of the watches is difficult dating seiko watches determine. Figure out the decade you purchased your watch, or when you think your particular watch group was manufactured. Unfortunately, this information is vital to dating your Seiko as the serial number does not provide any more clues. The "movement" of the watch will help you identify the decade it was made and should be found on the case the watch came in.

Have you ever wondered when your watch rolled off the assembly line at the factory? In other words, when was it manufactured? Questions relating to the production date of Seikos frequently pop up in various watch forums from time to time.
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The page includes a calculator along with instructions and example images to help you find the movement caliber, case code and serial number on the back of your watch. The calculator uses these codes to do its magic. If you don't know how to find these numbers on your watch please read our instructions below. You can also view the entire datefinder database. We encourage people to send us additions and corrections. Most Seikos have a "retail" model number that is displayed in the store but not written anywhere on the watch. They also have a "reference" model number that is written on the case back.

What shall follow is how to find out the birth details of the Seiko you just bought. It applies to the vintage Seiko-s as much as the most recent of releases; from the venerable Seiko 5 to the elegant and sombre Grand Seiko. And to everything that are in between. So I thought of answering them once and for all. This also reveals the history or significance of that particular Seiko watch.

The Seiko serial number decoder Find the manufacture date of any Seiko watch Enter the Seiko serial number and movement from your watch in the boxes below. The watch's date of manufacture will be calculated using the first 2 characters of the serial number and my list of Seiko movement manufacture dates. You will also be given an eBay link to check the watch's value, useful links such as manuals, etc if available and for quartz models the battery information may also be returned. Although this tool cannot be used to guarantee a Seiko's authenticity it can be used along with visual indicators to spot a fake Seiko. If more than one date is returned then either I lack data for that movement or it was made for over a decade.