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Amy is a workaholic with a contentious relationship with her family. She is portrayed by Anna Chlumsky. Amy describes herself as "the Vice President's trouble-shooter, problem-solver, issue-mediator, doubt-remover, conscience-examiner, thought-thinker and all-round everything-doer. Amy has one sister, Sophie, who has three children with two different men and who works at CVS. She has very little personal life to speak of, having devoted a third of her life to working for Selina who she sometimes considers her best friend. Sometime prior to the start of the show she and Dan Egan briefly dated. It is implied that Veep amy and dan dating still has feelings for him.

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During season 1, Amy and Dan's relationship consists of semi-flirtatious banter and insults, with Amy seeing Dan as a threat to her position. Dan teases her about his arrival making her self conscious and gain weight. In episode 6 Amy buys a pregnancy test for Selina, but Dan sees it and thinks Amy is pregnant. His first thought is that Amy will be needing maternity leave and he can take her job. Later on, Dan asks for some "intel" on the baby and asks if the baby is Jonah's, commenting that if it is Jonah's baby the doctors will have to pull the baby out in shifts. Amy tells him in this episode that she will name the baby after him and call him "fuckweasel. When Sue reveals that Ed works for Selina, Dan is visibly annoyed and claims Amy told him she swore off dating men from D. Gary makes fun of Dan for being angry that Amy is going on a date with another man.

It originally aired on May 1, Dan and Amy supervise a recount in Carson City, Nevada, hoping the recount will go statewide in an effort to win Selina the presidency; Selina gets intimate with a member on her new banking task force. In Carson City, Amy takes an early morning call from Selina, who's questioning whether or not they should include the Native American precincts in the recount. Later in the day, Dan, Amy and Richard review Selina's multitude of precinct changes for her recount challenge, then send their lawyers to file it at the courthouse before they miss their deadline. Selina decides to send Tom James to a campaign volunteer brunch in her stead, but learns as Economy Czar, Tom has his first meeting with his banking task force at the same time. Liking that more than her brunch, she tasks Ben with informing Tom his task force is now hers. After a review of the votes in contention, Selina has enough votes for a full state recount. Tom drops in on Selina and tells her he now understands her decision to take over his banking task force, and promises to do whatever he can for her going forward, without complaint.