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He was a Member of Parliament from to and Minister of Communications from to He is a member of the National Democratic Congress. Mahama is the first vice president to have ascended to the presidency due to the death of his predecessor, John Atta Mills , and is the first head of state of Ghana to have been born after Ghana's independence. He was elected to serve a full term as President in the December election. This makes him the first president in the history of Ghana to not have won a second term. A member of the Gonja ethnic group, Mahama hails from Bole in the Northern region. Mahama was born in Damongo in the Damango-Daboya constituency of Northern region into a political tradition dating back to the country's First Republic. Mahama's father also served as a senior presidential advisor during Ghana's Third Republic under Hilla Limann.

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In arrivo le 'Agenzie private per le imprese' a cui le aziende potranno rivolgersi per qualsiasi tipo di pratica. Una sorta di 'centro certificatore' privato per le aziende, un primo passo insomma verso la 'privatizzazione' della macchina amministrativa. Tra i soggetti che potranno dare vita alle agenzie per le imprese ci sono professionisti, le associazioni imprenditoriali, dei lavoratori, centri di assistenza tecnica, enti di certificazione, sindacati. EuroArt Uno sportello tematico sull"Europa con focus su artigianato, restauro, e territorio. InnovArt Uno spazio tematico dedicato alla sperimentazione su artigianato, restauro, e territorio. FuturArt Uno spazio tematico dedicato alla ricerca su artigianato, restauro, e territorio. IdeArt Concorso di idee su artigianato, restauro, e territorio. Siti Amici. Postato da mf il Sabato, 02 ottobre