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My wife works in Wan Chai as well. After living in Sai Kung for 5 years and Lam Tsuen for 2 years, being back on Hong Kong island and having hundreds dating apps iphone hong kong places within a 15 minute radius is spoiling me like crazy. When we were living in the New Territories we had to get in the car for just a can of coke or a pack of smokes. The convenience of having so much within walking distance almost makes up for the tiny apartment.

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Normal service will resume on 27th March. During this period both restaurants will be out of service. The restaurants will resume normal business on 8th May. The works have enhanced those elements related to the Hong Kong film industry. In addition to the original superstars' handprints, nine new handprints from the winners of Hong Kong Film Award for Best Actress are to be added soon. A special pig hoof print from one of the McDull statues has also been added.