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I previously mentioned I would I would do an economic comparison of obtaining sex through both prostitution and game for casual sex. Essentially, which of the two mating strategies obtain the best bang for your buck. Pun most assuredly intended. Our assumption will be a clean, fairly attractive prostitute. Depending on your jurisdiction, prostitution, or aspects related to prostitution, is likely illegal, so there would be a cost attached to the. Near the end of the book Roosh has a little bit on the costs and successes of an average player someone who goes out to clubs on Saturdays and Sundays with competent game. In addition, each sexual encounter requires time, the nights out, the dates, etc.

Why are so many men out there not able to commit? This is the last one I swear! Just like chocolate, guys are addicted to sex. There, I just thought about sex. Snopes debunked the idea that men think about sex every seven seconds. Thought about it again. So, it is safe to assume, if someone were addicted to something they would spend most of their time prostitute cheaper than dating to figure out how to get it or support their addiction right?

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Discussion in ' Free Thoughts ' started by serenesam , May 16, Log in or Sign up. If you are the type of man that have a high sexual appetite, a prostitute might be better for you because you get immediate gratification. The problem with dating is that not every woman is going to sleep or have sex with you on the first date. Some women feel more comfortable in that they need to get to know someone before actual intimacy. Dating is very time consuming. Life is very short especially if you are a heterosexual male who might have had a wife that died or someone in the middle-age to elder-age years where your sperm may start to become weaker. Having to wait several months just to have sex may be something that turns you off as time is very precious. Furthermore, the amount of time you spend may be better spent facilitating your act of working especially if you are a workaholic, which would allow you to accumulate more money through that act.

Prostitution is cheeper and girls are more honest about their sexuality. So prostitution is better. Wow really? I for one want to apologize to all the ladies out there on the behalf of all men this person is obviously VERY young and VERY stupid and I wouldn't be very surprised if he was Soulless. I for one love that I can take a girl out to the movies and enjoy her company these guys obviously don't care about things like that. Well most prostitution involves mistreatment and humiliation for the woman so I guess if a guy doesn't want a woman mistreating him, he just pays another woman to mistreat her.

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