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When Christmas is right around the corner, the question we always ask is: Well, I'm going to tell you the exact rules of Christmas gift giving and spending. So, let's go through it right now so that all of you understand there's a certain time frame and money allowance for each situation. If you've only been dating a few weeks, I strongly suggest you get something fun. That means you get something that pertains to the moments you've spent together.

Every year, once we get past Thanksgiving and Black-Eye Friday and the Christmas Shopping Season officially begins, young men around the world start to panic as they wonder: Do you go with the practical or the romantic? The sentimental or the sexual? How do you thread first dating christmas gifts needle when it feels like every gift is practically soaked in unspoken messages about commitment, intent and expectations?

The first gift. Hope you enjoy his romanticism, wit and humor as much as I do. Early Birds: If you really are in that first 30 day window, go easy on yourself and make a reservation at a nice restaurant. This goes for men AND women. Old Reliable:
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Giving gifts in a new relationship is a true test in reading the proverbial room. Going to big might put too much pressure on a new partner—but too small might come off like you're not invested at all. The best solution: Stick to something understated. You don't want to go too pricey or too flashy, but you still want to show that you're into her. Here's how to strike the perfect balance. For the beauty-junkie type, there's nothing better than a clean set of makeup brushes in a stylish case. So she carries all of her stuff with her, all of the time? This bag has enough compartments to handle it all.

When dating someone new, buying lavish gifts for each other might not feel right — yet. Why not write a meaningful message in a Christmas card? Despite your relationship being relatively new, you may have already acquired a number of memories together — so why not put these into your present, to make something personal? Take old photos, ticket stubs and romantic messages and create a scrap book or calendar of your cherished memories. For a gift with real meaning, give your partner a goat or some rice — not literally of course. A voucher for a new haircut or a smart new leather bag for work will put them in a great positive frame of mind for the up and comin year.